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This page has information on:

  1. How to optimise your use of these pages.
  2. Why we use Javascript in catalogues.
  3. Finding catalogues in Gardening-uk.
  4. Navigating through Catalogues.
  5. How to send us your comments.
  6. How to get your catalogue included.
  7. How to obtain the latest versions of the best browsers.
  8. Other useful resources.

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How to Optimise Your Use of these Pages.

Gardening-uk has three levels of content:

  1. The main Directory and Content pages.
  2. Catalogues that are designed, maintained and hosted by Gardening-uk.
  3. Catalogues that are not hosted by Gardening-uk, and for which Gardening-uk has no responsibility.

All pages covered by categories 1 & 2 above have been optimised for use with version 3.0 of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Additionally, all catalogues covered by category 2 above make extensive use of Javascript, and require the use of a Javascript 1.0 capable browser and that Javascript be enabled.

Pages covered by category 3 above are outside the control of Gardening-uk.

Earlier Versions of Netscape:
Netscape Navigator 2 is capable of handling the Javascript in all Gardening-uk pages; however, it cannot display background colours in table cells, knows nothing of the "font face" attribute, and is unaware of a number of character entities such as £. If you are using an early version of Netscape, we strongly recommend that you obtain the latest released version - see below.

Screen Display:
All Gardening-uk pages will appear best if your monitor is set to display 16-bit (aka "high color") or greater. Also, you will probably find it beneficial to have your monitor set to display at 800 x 600 dpi. Neither of these, however, is essential.

Most pages and catalogues in Gardening-uk make use of Verdana, a Web Optimised True Type font which is available free from Microsoft at This site also contains a lot of useful information on Fonts and the Web as well as a number of other freely available fonts for both the Mac and Windows. You do not need to downlaod and install Verdana in order to see pages properly; however, this font is particularly readable at small sizes and is being used on more sites all the time.

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Why we use Javascript in Catalogues.

There are four principle reasons why we use Javascript in Catalogues designed by us:

  1. It allows us to design pages in a way which give viewers much greater choice as to how they choose to navigate through the pages.
  2. It makes it easier for us to keep the catalogue content up to date.
  3. It makes it much easier for us to change the layout of pages over time.

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Finding Catalogues in Gardening-uk.

There are three ways to find catalogues:

  1. Use the All Catalogues directory.

    All companies whose catalogue is included in Gardening-uk appear in this listing. Catalogues are listed alphabetically, with brief descriptions of each.

  2. Use one of the five General Directories: Plants, Products, Seeds, Services and Miscellaneous.

    Each of these is a simple alphabetical list of all the catalogues in the particular directory. Each catalogue entry includes a link to the catalogue itself, the name and address of the company together with a few lines describing thr catalogue iself. As the number of catalogues in a category increases, additional indexes will be added to make finding catalogues easier. This is alread the case with caalogues in the "Plants" directory, where catalogues can also be found listed by Plant Categories.

  3. Use the Latest Additions Listing.

    This, as the name suggests, list all the catalogues incorporated into Gardening-uk in approximately the previous two months. Catalogues are listed in the order they are added.

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Navigating through Catalogues.

There are two types of catalogue listed in Gardening-uk: those that are designed, maintained and hosted by Gardening-uk and those that are simply linked to. These notes deal only with the former, as the design and usage of the latter is completely out of our control.

Gardening-uk Catalogues require the use of a javascript enabled browser. The use of javascript is restricted, however, to code that is compatible with both the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

Most catalogues are frame based - that is, the screen is divided into a number of sections, each containing different information - however, it is possible to turn frames off by selecting the "WITHOUT FRAMES" link at the top of every Contents Frame.

Initially, for frame-based catalogues, you will be presented with a screen that appears something like the illustration on the right.

  • Contents Frame - lists all the pages in the catalogue and provides links back to various Gardening-uk pages. You can also use this frame to expand the viewing area by selecting the WITHOUT FRAMES link at the top of the frame. You will then be able to browse to different pages via the links at the bottom of the viewing area.

  • Info Frame - provides additional information relating to the contents of the Main Frame or the catalogue in general.

  • Main Frame - is where the actual contents of the catalogue - plant descriptions, maps etc - are displayed.

  • Quick Links Frame (if present) - provides abbreviated links to a selection of the catalogues pages. This is only present in certain complex catalogues to make browsing simpler.

Additionally, the Contents Frame contains a popup menu (called Gardening-uk) which you can use to link to Gardening-uk's main pages at any time, even if you have browsed to the catalogue via a different route.

Note: this does not currently work in the beta version of Netscape Navigator 4.

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How to give us your comments on Gardening-uk

A service such as this can only thrive if those who use it take the effort to participate in its development. We are very keen to receive comments from anyone who uses this site - amateur and professional alike. If you have any suggestions for improvements (or even fundamental changes) then please email us - or write, phone or fax - with your comments.

The Complete MultiMedia Co. Ltd.,
Capons Farm, Cowfold, West Sussex, (U.K.) RH13 8DE.

Tel/fax: (+44) 01403 864 797

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How to get your Catalogue included in Gardening-uk
Gardening-uk only includes catalogues or brochures that are of genuine interest to British Gardeners.

  1. If you already have a Web Catalogue, we can incorporate a link to it in all the relevant sections of Gardening-uk.
  2. If you do not currently have a Web version of your Catalogue, we can design, code, maintain and host one for you. We offer a comprehensive service, which allows for regular updating and changing of the catalogue over time at no extra charge.

Please see the Information page for more details.

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Obtaining the Latest Versions of Browsers.

At the present time (and at the risk of repeating ourselves), Gardening-uk will work best with version 3.0 or greater of either Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. As these browsers develop, Gardening-uk will adapt to incorporate the best features compatable with both - such as style sheets.

NETSCAPE NAVIGATORUse this button to obtain the latest version of Netscape Navigator.

MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORERUse this button to obtain the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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Other Useful Resources.

Web Fonts: Microsoft have a nice page on Web Fonts. Apart from some useful information of using fonts on the Web, a number of fonts in Windows and Mac format are also downloadable from this site, including "Verdana" which is extensively used throughout Gardening-uk. Verdana is especially readable at small point sizes. It is also very good for text in graphics such as maps, as it looks good without anti-aliasing.

Windows95 Font Smoothing: Microsoft also have a small (170k) downloadable ".exe" file for improving the appearance of screen fonts on Windows95. This only works with systems set to 16-bit or greater, but does make a significant difference. See their Font Smoother Page for details.

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Credits & Copyrights Home Page Information

All Pages is Gardening-uk have been optimised for use with version 3.0 or greater of Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. All catalogues designed, maintained and hosted by Gardening-uk require a Javascript enabled browser. Additionally, many pages make use of Verdana and Georgia Web Optimised True Type fonts available free from Microsoft at http://www.micros