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This page provides links to other sites of interest to British Gardeners. It does not (and never will) provide a comprehensive list of links - there are, quite simply, far too many. Its primary function is to list interesting, innovative and useful sites. - Gardening - Home and Garden

Institute of Horticulture

Important WWW Poisonous Plants sites
A page of links to many pages on poisonous plants.

The Royal Horticultural Society

FAQs & Other Documents on Gardening

The Orchid Resource
A site dedicated to orchids. Very comprehensive and useful.

The Royal National Rose Society
How to jopin the RNRS. Information on rose care. Events. Roses of special merit. Etc.

Fuchsias from Stockholm
A comprehensive Swedish site dedicated to fuchsias. Has Swedish and English Pages. The catalogue, unfortunately, is only in Swedish, so is not listed in Gardening-uk's catalogue directories.

Ukexnet Horticultural Index
A Directory designed principally, but not exclusively, for professional growers.

The Rose FAQ
It took a while to get connected to this site, but the FAQ is very comprehensive.

Horticultural Trades Association
A useful site providing information on all its members in the following categories:
  1. National Gift Token Stockists
  2. Garden Centres or Shops
  3. Retail Nurseries Welcoming the Public
  4. Landscape Gardeners
  5. Manufacturers of Gardening or Horticultural Products
  6. Wholesale Nurseries - For Trade Customers Only
  7. HTA Members not Classified above



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