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This section of Gardening-uk is dedicated to Nurseries and Growers. There are currently very few nurseries in the UK with online catalogues, so, in certain circumstances, we may include non-U.K. nurseries in this section if they offer a suitable service for British gardeners. Packing & postage costs, together with import restrictions, usually mean, however, that it is only foreign seed catalogues that are generally useful to British gardeners.

Catalogues by Name
All the plant catalogues in alphabetical order.

Catalogues by Category
Catalogues sorted by various plant categories. Nurseries are entered in as many categories as is appropriate. Select a category to link to a page listing all the catalogues in that category.

NOTE: There are two types of catalogue listed in these pages: those that are designed, managed and hosted by Gardening-uk, and those that are completely independant of Gardening-uk. These latter Catalogues (ie, they have an address that does not begin with are indicated by the symbol.

As we expand the number of catalogues hosted by us, we will initially try to give priority to catalogues that increase the range of plants covered.

We welcome suggestions for inclusion in our lists. Please email us with the relevant details.


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